Qualities of a Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs contribute to society in different ways. Their basic job is to provide emotional support to those who need it. For that, they visit hospitals, prisons and retirement homes to bring happiness, warmth, compassion, and energy to the elderly, the disabled and the injured. They are also responsible for providing a relationship to the mentally or emotionally challenged individuals.

Therapy dogs can work with children with disabilities or visit primary schools to help them learn about animal humane treatment. They are not specifically trained to stay with people or perform their tasks. However, they do need to have some basic manners to behave properly in various situations. The following are the qualities that should be present in a therapy dog.

Basic Manners

Therapy dogs should have the basic manners well with their owners in a certain environment. They need to be friendly, gentle, obedient and calm by not causing harm to anyone. Furthermore, these dogs should also be socialized with people and other animal breeds. Also, their behavior must not frighten others who are not used to being around dogs.

Comfortable Being Touched

A therapy dog ​​must withstand petting including his head, neck, and foot. Many people may have muscle control problems and maybe clumsy or unintentionally harsh when petting them. Any indicators of human aggression will disqualify a pet as a certified animal therapy. Therefore, they have to love people and just appreciate being around them.


Cleanliness is the foremost point of a therapy dog ​​therefore; it needs to be bathed and washed right before a planned appointment. The nails must be kept short to avoid accidental wounds. Furthermore, the body and clothing should be clean and free of any discomfort or the troubles. Similarly, current vaccines and regular veterinarian tests are also needed for a therapy dog.

Good sense or humor

Good therapy dogs enjoy showing up in silly masks, suits or capes that make people laugh and keep their spirits lighter. While this is obviously not a necessity or a daily occurrence, it can be a way to add additional fun for holidays or other special occasions. It also does not harm if few person-pleasing tricks are introduced to the animal.

The services of these emotional support therapy dogs can only be acquired by a mentally disabled person to get comfort and relaxation. Therefore, the easiest way to get yourself certified as a disabled person is to get an ESA Letter from a professional mental expert. Only then, it becomes possible to get the relationship of an emotional support animal or therapy dog.